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Joan Soriano

Joan Soriano is a bachata singer and guitarist from the Dominican Republic. His style is a blend of modern with traditional bachata. Since the 1980s, Joan's guitar and arrangements have graced many hit bachatas by other artists, and since 2008, he has begun to make a name for himself internationally. Soriano was born the seventh of fifteen children. Born in the rural countryside near Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Joan Soriano fashioned his first guitar from a tin can and fishing line and has never looked back. Soriano's guitar playing has the clean, feathery sound typical of bachata music. After Soriano mastered the style, he went into Santo Domingo and started working as a session musician.

Joe Veras

Joe Veras was born in the town of Cotui, Dominican Republic. Veras' first musical experience came via local church choirs in his native Cotui, which was followed by his relocation to Santo Domingo to attend college. During his time in the capital, Veras would decide to pursue his artistic career full-time, initiated by the release of Joe Veras con Amor in 1993. Two years later, Veras signed a contract with Hipolito Records, with whom he would re-release Joe Veras con Amor, followed by the original project Asi Es la Vida, which took his native island by storm and won him a Casandra Award in 1997. His next recording, the New York-produced Con Mas Amor, sold more than 300,000 copies, earning Veras his first platinum record. A master of the bachata style, Veras moved to the Dominican powerhouse label J&N Records, and 2003's Carta de Verano brought Veras to a new level of exposure, with hits like "Intentalo Tu" hitting the Top Ten in Billboard's Latin Tropical Airplay chart. With Veras' extensive touring history taking him all over the Americas and Europe, his music has reached audiences worldwide. Released in 2006, La Travesia brought him back to the top of the tropical music world with his Top Ten hit "En el Amor."

Kiko Rodriguez

Kiko Rodriguez, was born in Tamboril, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Kiko felt bachata in his heart in the age of 10, which motivated the youngster to practice the percussion instruments and then guitar. He made his first presentation 12 years old. Much later, Kiko entered to the "Rondallita of the parish of Canca Arriba", Tamboril, where he was for about six years. Kiko matured musically speaking and started gather his own group. Kiko showed his skills in the "Los Modernos Del Amargue" group, in which Kiko stood out much by his unic style to express the feelings through the bittered bachata.

The production company Elvin Productions/ Discomania signed him to record his first album "Kiko Rodriguez y los Claveles Mios" including the "El Verde De Tus Ojos" and "Ya Te Olvidé". They are still remembered as one of his best songs. Then he was ready to conquer DR and the whole world. In addition of being one of the most famous in DR, Kiko is one of the most famous in the whole world of bachata.

Luis Miguel Del Amargue

Luis Miguel del Amargue is a bachata singer from the Dominican Republic who was successful as a recording artist in Spain for a decade prior to breaking into the American music market with the compilation album Mis Canciones in 2009. Born in Azua, Dominican Republic, he made his album debut with Amor de una Noche in 1998. A collection of both bachatas and merengues, Amor de una Noche was released on the independent label Chaira Records and distributed in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Though commercial success was limited, del Amargue was offered a new recording contract with the label JM Records, and found a niche market for his music in Spain, where bachata and merengue are less commonplace than in the United States.

He proceeded to release several albums on JM Records, including Luisa María (1999), Te Echo de Menos (2000), Quiero Amanecer Contigo (2001), and Amor de Locos (2003). These albums proved popular enough in Spain to warrant a television-advertised double-disc greatest-hits collection, Grandes Exitos (2003). Successive albums include Corazón de Dinero (2004), Quiero Saber (2005), Buscame (2006), and De Nuevo Contigo (2007). Del Amargue's next album, De Rodillas de Te Pido (2008), is particularly notable for its title track. The popularity of the song was such that it was featured once again on the follow-up album Mi Regreso (2009). By this time, del Amargue had dedicated himself primarily to bachata, which positioned him well for the American marketplace. Well aware of the growing popularity of bachata in the United States, Sony Music signed del Amargue and repackaged Mi Regreso for stateside release in summer 2009. Later in the year, Sony released the best-of compilation Mis Canciones, which included the tropical radio favorites "De Rodillas de Te Pido," "Se Acabó lo Bonito," and "Abrazame Amor."


Yiyo Sarante

Eduardo "Yiyo" Sarante was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in a full of brothers (9) family, almost all musicians and singers. He started his career as a young percussionist in several Dominican orchestras and, in 1999, he sang in various bands in different tourist areas of the Dominican Republic. In 2003 he became part of his brother's band, Julian Oro Duro, a highly rated merengue band. In 2010, he began to make his first steps as a solo artist, helped and encouraged by his brother José, better known as "Mello", musician, percussionist and music producer. In 2011, he released his first hit single "Tierra Mala", a song that reached the 2nd best in the "Top 50 Salsa" annual chart in the Dominican Republic. But it is in 2012 that Yiyo became quite famous playing the song "Maldita Primavera", a salsa version of the famous Italian hit, a classic of the 80's, in the Tropical Radio Stations of Florida and in the East Coast of the United States. This success gave the "push" to the first international tour of Yiyo: Virgin Islands, Aruba and Saint Martin, where he became a successful artist even if with a few songs in his repertoire. In the first half of 2013, he reached the first place in the Radio Charts of Santo Domingo with the song "Pirata", unreleased song composed by the young Dominican composer Daniel Vazquez Pichardo, in the same period Yiyo joined the Artistic cast of Planet Records label, and began to work on his debut album. Yiyo Sarante, "La Voz De La Salsa" will be the new star of international Salsa!

Adam Taub

Adam Taub has lived, traveled and researched extensively in the Dominican Republic. He directed the documentary film "The Duke of Bachata" about musician Joan Soriano in 2009. He has also researched Bachata outside of the Dominican Republic, at dance venues and festivals, interviewing many of the prominent bachata instructors in the world today. In addition to film and multi-media presentations on bachata, Adam teaches bachata dance workshops, specializing in various styles from the Dominican Republic. Presenting and teaching experience includes the LA Salsa Festival, the Reno, LA and DC Bachata Festivals, the San Diego Salsa/Bachata Congress, The Albuquerque Latin dance festival and more.

Alex & Desiree

Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor. He has been teaching workshops and performing in countries such as Germany, Portugual, Israel, and Puerto Rico among others. Desiree Godsell, after moving to NYC, began choreographing and dancing for the Atlantic recording artist Santigold touring all over the world, opening up for Coldplay, Kanye West, Jay-Z, MIA, and Rihanna to name a few. Desiree began her salsa career straight at the top, partnering with the Mambo King himself Eddie Torres. She's been on David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brian, and Jules Holland. She's currently producing a dance concert series called the Pearl in BK.

Alien Ramirez

Alien, in her career as a dancer, she has worked as a dancer for several television shows, video clips, TV commercials and as an assistant choreographer for the TV shows "So You Think You Can Dance" (2005 to 2008). In addition, she teaches and conducts workshops in recognized night clubs such as The Mayan, Mama Juanas, Tapas, Cocomo (San Francisco). She has also traveled around the world teaching and performing in Mexico, Canda, Argentina, El Salvador, Spain, Australia, Germany, Costa Rica, Colombia, Japan, Austria, Guatemala, Germany, Morocco and many more.

Ataca & La Alemana

Tanja began teaching professionally in 2008 with Jorge "Ataca" Burgos. Initially they were primarily dancing salsa but switched to a bachata emphasis after a friend of Tanja recommended they do a routine together. They have a dance organization called Island Touch Dance Academy that currently has 15 teams scattered across the globe.

Big Fritz

Burju Perez

Burju was born in Istanbul, raised in New York and currently resides in Massachusetts happily married to dance and business partner Victor Perez. She has been a professional Latin dancer since 2000 having toured over 100 cities worldwide teaching and performing. Her current schedule includes 2-3 weekends a month of travel abroad to International Salsa and Latin Festivals. When she is not traveling she directs and choreographs for HYM Latin Dance Co. and award winning teen group Ritmo En Accion. She teaches and manages other teachers in the Learn Through Dance in-school Latin dance program. Her background includes Hip Hop, Modern, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Latin. Burju is also a main judge for the World Salsa Championships and has her own line of funky dance shoes. An artist and entrepreneur, Burju demonstrates how the arts can lead to self-fulfillment.

Burju has worked very hard to develop her own style of Salsa that incorporates her background in different disciplines. She took her unique and funky style and in 2009 launched her own shoe line call Burju Shoes. Her shoes like her dance style embodies her philosophy about artistic expression which is to be unique and bold. Burju met her husband, and best friend through dance, which is the main reason it remains such a major part of her life. Dance has given them the opportunity to be entrepreneurs together and to travel the world together.

Cadence Dance Company

Cadence Dance Academy is known for their creativity, professionalism, unique teaching styles and charisma. Cadence Dance Academy instructs, trains, and performs both locally and internationally in order to sharpen their skills and continue their growth. As trained professionals in Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Cha-Cha, Bachata, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and many other genres of dance, they actively respect and cherish their art, and continue spreading the joy of dance to others as it was done for them. They have managed to create a professional yet comfortable teaching environment that welcomes and challenges all students.

Carlos Cinta

Carlos Cinta "El Unico Bachatero", is a world renowned Caribbean/Dominican Bachata expert and educator. Carlos has taught at many international festivals and events around the world. His first YouTube video attracted over 8 million hits! Because of his carefree, lighthearted and fun attitude towards dancing, people are ultimately drawn to his Bachata style and his teaching methods. Known for his unique teaching ability and "Bachata Musicality" Music Course. Sharing his passion of Dominican Style Bachata to sold-out workshops at festivals all over the world. Carlos Cinta was born in San Francisco. He was raised in Chicago. Although Carlos' first experiences of Bachata were not particularly pleasing, it was only after attending a club in Chicago and seeing Bachata danced with sensuality, passion and sexy moves that he truly fell in love with it. In 2010 Carlos collaborated with Joan Soriano, the world-renowned bachata artist and guitarist from the Dominican Republic, to create the first-ever Bachata musicality and timing CD.

Chaves & Silvia

Daniel & Desiree

Daniel and Desiree are one of the hottest Bachata couples in Europe and now in the world! In a short partnership, only 3 years, they have achieved multiple titles, and in 2012 they won the World Bachata Masters competition! Together, Daniel and Desiree have more than 15 years of combined dancing experience, they are known for their Bachata, but they also teach all kinds of latin dancing. Some of their titles include Campeones BachataStars España 2010, Subcampeones BachataStars Europe 2011 and Campeones World Bachata Masters 2012.

David Phillips

Edwin Ferreras

Edwin M. Ferreras, is the Founder, Instructor, Choreographer and Artistic Director of LatinFX Dancers. Edwin is also a talented musician. As a composer, arranger, and producer, he has worked with various artists in the Latin Pop industries including: Aventura, Alex Wayne, Kiko Rodriguez, Naiah, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, Any Andy, as well as many others. He also plays various instruments and has a firm understanding of music history and theory. He believes that his experiences as a musician have offered him a unique advantage as a dancer, allowing him to interpret music in very distinct ways.

Today he dances and trains with numerous groups including Yamulee, Caribbean Soul, Sekou McMiller, Washington Heights Breakers, and LFX Dancers. He also teaches multiple dance styles to students of all ages throughout the tri-state area mainly in public schools, collage campuses, and dance studios in NYC.

Fuego & Hielo Dance Company

Fuego y Hielo Dance Company was founded in 2014 by directors Fuquan Ferrell and Candace Joyner. It has quickly become one of Atlanta's premier Latin Dance groups. They have performed and taught all over the East Coast spreading their unique style of dancing. They specialize in Mambo/Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, and acrobatic lifts, tricks and dips. What makes them stand out most is not only their ability to set a stage on fire, but to also burn down the social dance floor too.

Greg & Tania

Greg Martin started dancing Kizomba in 2009 and began the first Kizomba school in Sweden in 2011. A veteran in dance teaching, he developed his unique Kizomba style from his early days learning from the original Kizomba masters in Lisbon and evolving his dance in Paris. He is also passionate about dance history and their musicality classes sprinkle history and method teaching. Tania Machin is a championship salsa dancer who found Kizomba a few years ago and has developed a love for the dance and teaches with Greg. She has a specialty in lady styling and body isolation. His lead style balances the traditional feel of Kizomba with complex fun steps, while maintaining ultimate connection with his partner. His classes are fun, challenging and always give strong technique for improving ones social dance.

Together they teach and perform internationally every month and has been featured in some of the worlds most prominent Kizomba festivals, such as Paris Kizomba Festival, Kife, Amsterdam, Croatia, Scandinavian Salsa, New York, New Jersey, Berlin Bachata, AfroLatin Flow, Shanghai, Borocay, San Francsco, Dominican, Croatia and several other locations.

Isabelle & Félicien

First of all, Isa & Félicien is a true love story. They both fell in love with dance many years ago. Isabelle has been dancing since she was 6, from African dances to Gwo Ka, through Dancehall and Hip Hop. More recently, she was introduced to salsa and bachata. Félicien discovered couple dancing when he was 11 years old, starting with ballroom and swing dancing, then latin styles, west coast swing and Argentine tango a few years later. The discovery of Kizomba brought them together. They combined their musicality, their techniques and creativity to become one. They stand out because of their authenticity and their innovation, combining the basics of this Angolan dance and their own influences.

Jorjet Alcocer

Jorjet Alcocer is the most versatile dancer on the planet. Known as the "Salsa MVP", she has traveled the world both leading and following On1/On2, Bachata, Pachanga, Punta, etc. Jorjet's natural style amazes her onlookers and has given her enormous respect from the Salsa elite. From teaching a Ladies styling class one hour to teaching an Advanced Partnerwork class the next hour, she can do it all. Alcocer is extremely appealing and popular in the Salsa and Bachata world. Jorjet is the complete package and has been featured globally in: Angola, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Bonaire, Canada, China, Croatia, Curacao, Dominican Republic, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Prague, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela and all over the United States.

Juan Matos

Juan "Pachanga" Matos, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, came to the United States in April of 1996. This young boy did not know what he was in for. Within three years he became one of New York's top male dancers. In Santo Domingo, his parents were the leading hustle dancers and they inspired him to dance. After attending classes with Victor "La Magica" Pacheco, Juan danced with companies including Magic Combination Dancers and Santo Rico Dance Company. Juan developed what is now called "Pachanga style." This unique style is what got him noticed amongst New York's mambo scene. Whether during a social dance or a dance performance, Juan is considered to be one of the best and hottest dancers of his generation.

Kimberly Rivera

The "Lady of Soul" has a style like no other in the business mixing the rhythm of mambo with the rhythm of soul. Her style is best described as Soulful, Elegant and Timeless. Her talent has allowed her to travel to and through Asia, Central America, Europe, the Caribbean and a great deal of U.S. events. She is held the highest regard for many of the top professional and is still gaining ground throughout the world.

Kizomba Chick

Maria Ivanova aka Kizomba Chick™ is a Kizomba instructor, promoter and performer who has been sharing her love and passion in the US and overseas. Maria is the first official face of Kizomba in Florida spreading her vision for this breathtaking sensual dance tempestuously. Having learned Kizomba with some of the greatest masters in Kizomba like Kwenda Lima, Petchu, Ricardo Sousa and Paula Loureiro, Albir & Sarah, Joao & Mafalda and many more, she continues to travel abroad to satisfy the thirst of learning and dancing, bring back to her students latest techniques and patterns.

Kristofer Mencák

Kristofer Mencák has been dancing salsa socially for many years. He has trained capoeira in Brazil for long periods of time, travelled to Cuba for salsa, visited Dominican Republic for bachata and during the most recent years he has been to more than 50 Kizomba festivals and has taken three teacher's training courses, for Petchú and for AfroLatin Connection. Currently he is teaching Kizomba at his own school Kizomba Flow in Stockholm and at international Kizomba festivals and workshops in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Russia, Spain and Brazil. In both 2013 and 2014 he won the Scandinavian selection for the international competition Africadancar and ended up on on 7th place and 6th place worldwide in the finals in Lisbon.

Krystal & Matthew

Latin Rhythms Bachata Legacy

Latin Rhythms unveils Bachata Legacy, the most profound collective of dancers seeking to redefine bachata choreography and performance. Led by Artistic Director Rey Sanchez, LRBL includes veteran performers who utilize their diverse backgrounds in dance and other creative arts to breathe fresh life into their shared passion. Rey Sanchez have been dancing for over 10 years and directing Bachata Legacy for 5 years. He was a 3rd place bachata team division finalist at the World Latin Dance Cup in 2012. Whether on the dance floor or on stage, LRBL dancers are sure to stimulate, excite and inspire.

Morenasso & Anaïs

Morenasso is a teacher, a dancer and a coreographer of Kizomba, Semba and Kuduro. He was born in Luanda, the capital of Angola. His dancing career began more than 25 years ago with the dance group "Carnival da Mainga". Morenasso met his partner Anaïs in November 2009, and they created SENSUALONDA. In 2010 they represented France during the international of Kizomba Africadancar. They are well known throughout the world for their impressive display of quality, sensuality and dynamics expressed during their performances and workshops both nationally and internationally.

Ritmo Urbano

Ritmo Urbano brings to the world the essence of dance. Founded by Jorge Alberto and Christina Farrell. Ritmo Urbano is dedicated to bringing the world the art of Latin Dancing through team performances and instruction. Founded in 2011 and based out of Tampa, FL the group looks to become a top rated dance Company that will bring captivating performances around the world.

Samy el Magico

Samy el Magico, professor, event organizer, founder and President of the France based dance school Art & Dance Academy, the dance school offers 12 genres and is famous for it's teaching pedagogy. He became one of the most talented and wanted instructors of France, especially in the BachataUrbano and authentic Dominican style bachata. Samy el Magico has been teaching and performing in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, Dominican Republic and United States. During his world tours he has done programs for the television channels TV7, Channel 34, Univision and TV Estrella. He has danced for the famous bachata artists such as Teodore Reyes, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, El Pequeño de la Bachata, Joan Soriano, Bachata Heightz, Voz has Voz and Evidence.

Simon Bolivar Severino

El Tiguere & Julianna

El Tiguere's father being a self taught musician imparted a feel and love for music that would permeate all that El Tiguere does. Some of El Tiguere's earliest memories are of going to the NY night spots with his mother to dance the night away. El Tiguere has been dancing formally (studio taught) for three years and got his name for his swaggy, sexy and sometimes unconventional style of dancing. A true believer in dance what you feel, El Tiguere loves and embraces all styles of dancing, however, his true loves are Bachata and Mambo. A passionate teacher, El Tiguere has been teaching students what he knows about dance since his third month dancing!

Yamulee Dance Company

The name "Yamuleé" with its African roots means "festive, joyous, and free-spirited". One man's vision to create a first class team was embraced by a few and now it has captured the heart and essence of mambo with contagious rhythms and fiery stage performances. The goal was to develop body control and a balanced core while in motion, assisting dancers become solid leads and followers while combining intricate turn patterns with creative footwork. Be captivated, be enlightened and experience Yamulee.

Zafire Dance Project

Carlos Hernandez and Arlette Guerra founded Zafire Dance Project a few years ago after performing in several top NYC pro teams such as Karisma and Yamulee. The are well-known for their intense and energetic dancing style and have quite quickly become known in the NYC mambo community and also at national and international salsa congresses and festivals.

Zeke Ruvalcaba

Zeke Ruvalcaba is a Mexican/Chicago native who has maintained the spirit of Bachata alive in Chicago for the past years. His creative approach in teaching has much to do with his degree in Dance and Secondary Education. Zeke has trained in Ballet, Modern and Jazz and specializes in choreography/instruction, in addition to spinning, styling and body movement. One of his strongest assets apart from his energetic and humorous personality is his ability to follow as well as he leads. On the dance floor, Zeke captivates people with his unique flamboyant style no matter what the role hes takes on the floor. If teaching and directing all three groups isn't enough, Zeke's is also an aspiring Costume and Evening Wear designer having created many costumes for local and national dance teams and couples.

DJ Amezcua

DJ Carlos King

DJ Chad

DJ Emerzive

DJ Gass

DJ Kenny

DJ Soltrix